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Frequently Asked Questions

Inbound Travel to Canada / USA

01. What are Canadian statutory holidays?
January 1 (New Year's Day); Easter Friday; Third Monday in May (Victoria Day); July 1 (Canada Day); first Monday in September (Labour Day); second Monday in October (Thanksgiving Day); Christmas Day. Some provinces have other days designated as statutory holidays including November 11 (Remembrance Day); Easter Monday; first Monday in August (Civic Day); third Monday in February (Heritage Day).

02. What is closed on a Canadian statutory holiday?

Banks and post offices and most government offices are closed on both Canadian and provincial statutory holidays. In some provinces, stores are also closed.

03. What are the American Statutory holidays?
January 1 ( New Year's Day); third Monday in January (Martin Luther King Day); third Monday in February (Presidents' Day); last Monday in May (Memorial Day); July 4 (Independence Day); first Monday in September (Labor Day); second Monday in October (Columbus Day); November 11 (Veterans Day); last Thursday in November (Thanksgiving); December 25 (Christmas Day).

04. What is closed on an American statutory holiday?
All American federal government agencies and banks.

05. What is the voltage/wattage of electrical outlets?
Canada and the United States operate on 110 volts/60 hertz.

06. Will my European/South/Central American cell phone work in Canada or the United states?
Many European, South and Central American cell phones will work within North America; however it is always advisable to check with your cell phone supplier to see whether the sytems are compatible and to determine the charges, BEFORE you come to Canada and the United States.

07. Can I use phone cards to call home?
You can purchase International phone cards in Canada and the United States in $10 and $20 amounts that will work from phones here. Be sure you buy an INTERNATIONAL calling card. AgriTours Canada offers International phone cards. Check with your tour director.

08. Are there Internet connections in most places in Canada and the US?
Most communities have Internet cafes and many hotels offer an Internet connection in the room or a business centre where you can check your email.

09. What temperatures can I expect when I visit?
Depending on what province you are visiting the temperatures vary. Most of Canada experiences the four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. To obtain current conditions for any of the major cities in Canada, please visit

10. What currency should I bring with me?
When travelling in Canada, AgriTours Canada recommends you carry two or three days worth of spending money in Canadian currency. When purchasing Canadian dollars from your bank, please ask for $20 and smaller bills. Many Canadian stores will not accept Canadian $50 or $100 bills.

Canada uses coins for penny ($.01), nickel ($.05), dime ($.10), quarter ($.25), loonie ($1.00), and toonie ($2.00). Canada has recently introduced new multi-coloured, high tech $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills.

When travelling in the United States, AgriTours Canada recommends you carry two or three days worth of spending money in US currency. The United States uses coins for penny ($.01), nickel ($.05), dime ($.10), and quarter ($.25). They use bills for $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and larger denominations.

11. Do I need a visa to travel to Canada or the United States?
Depending on your country of origin and the country that issued your passport, Canada or the United States may require you to obtain a visa. For more details please contact the Canadian Embassy or Canadian Consulate in your country.

12. Can we smoke in restaurants and on the motorcoach?
Most of the provinces in Canada have passed anti-smoking bylaws for all public places. This includes restaurants, motorcoaches, bars and any public buildings. Depending on the province in which you are travelling, the smoking regulations are different. All the hotel rooms booked by AgriTours Canada Inc. are non-smoking rooms unless otherwise requested. Please note that some hotels are completely non-smoking hotels. That means no smoking in the lobby, restaurants, public areas or your room. If you require a smoking room, please ensure your agent has requested a smoking room when you book your tour. Your AgriTours Canada Inc. tour director will brief you on locations for smoking.