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Travelers' Insurance

Travelers' Hospital, Medical and Flight Insurance is recommended as the most cost effective way of avoiding expensive health or travel cancellation expenses.

Hospital, Medical, Flight Cancellation and Interruption Insurance - We've got you covered, coming and going!
Travelers' today should always travel with insurance to cover medical, flight cancellation and flight interruption situations. Consider the serious financial and health related consequences of traveling with NO medical or flight insurance before you travel - not afterwards, when it is too late!

AgriTours Canada through our Travel Agency Carlson-Wagonlit Royal City Travel, sells insurance from RBC Travel Insurance, one of the top travel insurance companies in Canada, a part of the Co-Operators Insurance Company of Canada. After several years experience with this company, we feel confident that the packages they offer are not only cost-effective, but they generally cover more expenses than the majority of bank or credit card insurance policies or other travel insurance company policies. This is their specialty and when called upon, they have provided services quickly, completely and rarely with any problems or disputes.

RBC Insurance and AgriTours Canada can cover you out of Province, out of Canada or for Visitors to Canada.

Visitors to Canada can purchase inexpensive hospital and medical insurance for very reasonable costs where no pre-existing health problem exists. Those with pre-existing medical issues can be covered in most cases after filling out a more detailed medical history form which is submitted to the insurance company for assessment and a quote relating to your particular situation.

Visitors to Canada Hospital and Medical Insurance
AgriTours Canada can provide you with Visitors To Canada Insurance from one of Canada's top travel insurance companies RBC. Don't leave home without checking out our low cost medical coverage that will protect you and your family and economically provide you with coverage for health care while visiting Canada.

View details of Visitors to Canada Emergency Hospital and Medical Insurance Plan, and then you can email us for a free quote.

Quotes can be done for free and if you want to purchase this very economical insurance package, you can do so by using your credit card and Insurance Card and Policy can be e-mailed prior to your departure from your home country. MC, Visa and Amex accepted.

Important note for international visitors coming to Canada
Visas and Letters of Invitation
Important note for International Visitors to Canada If you need a visa to come to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair or any other agricultural exhibition in Canada or the United States, the Canadian or American consulate in your country may require you to obtain a Letter of Invitation.

AgriTours Canada Inc. cannot issue a Letter of Invitation to you.

This Letter of Invitation must come from a company or organization in North America with which you are currently doing business or hope to do business.

If you do not already have a company or organization in a position to issue a Letter of Invitation, it is your responsibility to contact a representative of a North American company or organization who will write this letter on your behalf.

Once you have the Letter of Invitation, AgriTours Canada will be pleased to work with you and your group to organize the land portion of your tour.

Canadians Traveling Out of Province or Out of Canada
Travelers' originating in Canada who are planning trips between provinces, to the United States of America and Mexico, or traveling further abroad than North America - should always check their insurance coverage with their provincial plan and/or any private plans you may have. Many people do not realize their provincial medical health plans; do NOT cover a lot of expenses relating to medical care outside their province or Canada. In most cases, some expenses are covered, but not to the same level of cost that is found in most places outside of Canada. Check your provincial web-site to be safe!

There are many good credit card travel insurance packages, but some ONLY APPLY if you buy the travel package using that credit card. AgriTours Canada can take payment through MasterCard, Visa and American Express, so if you have such insurance, then you are likely fine with their Medical and Hospitalization insurance - but don't assume anything, find out 100% for sure BEFORE booking your travel and tour packages. Other credit card insurance have limitations and boundaries for coverage, so again, PLEASE check your credit card insurance coverage policy BEFORE you travel and before you make the wrong assumption about what is and what is not covered.

Provincial Medical Insurance programs do NOT cover all medical emergencies and related expenses abroad. For information on what is covered by your plan, go to the web-site for your province's health care insurance program, and carefully review what is and what is NOT covered for your particular province and for the destination where you are traveling. For example, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan - OHIP Out of Country Services Credit card medical insurance generally covers most medical emergencies abroad but they don't always apply. You should very carefully read your credit card agreement especially with regards to who is and who isn't insured by the plan. Maybe the card holder is covered but not one's spouse, children or relative traveling with you. Other credit card travel insurance only covers certain things or up to a certain dollar value limit. Sometimes what you think is covered, is only covered for a fraction of the amount of expense incurred. Flight Cancellation, Flight Interruption and Baggage Loss or Theft insurance is generally NOT covered by most credit cards unless you have specifically purchased a credit card that includes this OR allows you to buy this type of insurance for a discounted "member rate". Be sure to check to see what your coverage is and what your credit card purchase will and will not cover!

Getting Insurance from AgriTours Canada
There are two or three ways you can request a quote from AgriTours Canada. Regardless of which of the methods below you use, be sure to provide your dates of travel both departure and return dates, the value of any trip you might be taking if you are getting flight cancellation insurance, your birth date, full name and address, telephone number, fax number if you have one and an email where a policy can be sent to you.

The Privacy of Information Act of Canada requires that we cannot use any of your private information for the purpose of solicitation or other uses that are not approved by you, so the information you provide is "confidential" and only used for the purpose of purchasing insurance.

Toll Free by calling 1-877-683-5742 from anywhere in North America (except Hawaii and Alaska) or business phone number at 1-519-826-4077 for a quote from a live person who reacts to your particular travel insurance needs. Download the appropriate forms from our site, fill them in and fax them to AgriTours Canada Inc. at 519-826-5244 and be sure to include your phone and fax number so we can contact you with the information or quote and do a follow-up if you want to purchase medical or travel insurance. E-mail us your request with the appropriate details as above to reqest a quote via e-mail. In person you can sit down with one of our agents in our office at Suite 310, 150 Research Lane in Guelph, Ontario in the University of Guelph Research Park Centre, and have a quote done for you as you wait. Our office hours are 9:00AM - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Insurance Forms - Downloads
The following is a condensed list of information or application forms you might need. Please feel free to open them in Adobe Reader and review your options or print them out so you can review hard copies of the information. If the information you need is not listed below, contact AgriTours Canada at 519-826-4077 or if in North America, toll free at 877-683-5742.